The dynamic mirror

​When asked “what do we see in a mirror?” many would say  the reflection of our physical self. Which is true but I think we see so much more than just a mere reflection of our physical features. We see how much we have changed over the years , we see how happy or sad we look, we see how tired or energetic we look, etc. We see what we want to see. Before an exam if someone looks at our face they may see the dark circles below our eyes but when we look in the mirror we see the hard work we have put in for the exam and hence the dark circles. Likewise, if someone sees the beauty in our face then we may see how sad we are.

 Mirror is a reflection we want to see or what we think we are or have become over the years. I have heard the following phrase somewhere which I find really helpful “if you ever feel lonely then eat in front of the mirror”. The mirror indicates us that no matter what our shadow and reflection will never leave us alone and helps us keep going.


13 thoughts on “The dynamic mirror”

  1. It’s a matter of how we look at things.
    Likewise you told about dark circles, people may call it that’s because of less sleep but you know that less sleep is because of the hard work you have did.
    Great post. 🙂


  2. Love this!

    I also feel like we are the hardest on ourselves when it comes to looking in the mirror. We pick on the tiniest things, or even feel self conscious about that one trait that bugs us, but that one thing we can’t stand someone else out there loves that very thing about us. We are our very own worst critic.


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