A 1000 rupee note

​Seema served hot rotis and dal to her children who were eagerly waiting for dinner. They ate those rotis as if it was the most delicious meal one can ever have. Seema looked at them and gave a forceful smile. She always feels like crying when she can’t even serve her children a decent meal. Her husband died in a car accident while returning home, he was so drunk that he didn’t even see the car coming. She wasn’t sure if she was sad or relieved when he died. He mostly remained drunk and sometimes even abused her. “Ma can we have sabji tomorrow??” asked Bhola her youngest son. She had only 200 rs. left and she have to manage the remaining 20 days of the month with that money. She atleast needed 1000rupees more to bring vegetables and medicine.She can’t even ask money from Mrs. Desai where she works as she has already borrowed money from her when her daughter was ill and Mrs. Desai said that she won’t be giving anymore money in advance. She still didn’t want to say no to him and said “yes beta tomorrow I will bring vegetables for you”. She kept thinking about her son’s request and the promise she made to him and could hardly even sleep. 

Seema washes dishes in Mrs. Desai’s house. She quickly finished her work at home and went to Mrs. Desai’s house. She was washing dishes when Mrs. Desai’s daughter Raima came running in excitement towards Mrs. Desai and said “mom, the dress that I ordered online on sale will be delivered today” Mrs. Desai said “ask seema to receive the order I have to go to your grandmother’s house today”. Raima took out a 1000 rupee note from her purse and gave it to Seema and asked her to receive the order. Seema stared at the note for a while, her eyes got cloudy but she quietly kept the money and resumed washing dishes.


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