Ghost of the past

“Ghost” the term itself give shivers to so many people. So many debate arises with this word. Does ghost or spirits exist. There are so many real life stories about people experiencing paranormal  activities, but no matter what, one question always gets stuck in the minds of human beings “does ghost exist?”. I believe they do. Ghost means a part of the dead which is still alive and there are so many dead past which is still alive. Ghost from the past, the mistakes we have made that helps us build a better tommorow. The happy memories which brings a smile on our face. The fights with our siblings over the remote and so many more. For me all these are ghosts. Those moments makes us feel alive. Those moments are dead but the memories are still alive so when we hear the word ghost instead of being scared how about we think about all the sweet memories that died in the past.


43 thoughts on “Ghost of the past”

  1. A very different way of looking at ghosts! I also wanted to mention about a small grammar mistake… if I’m not wrong, I think its ‘do ghosts exist?’ instead of ‘does ghosts exists?’


  2. Interesting perspective! I’ve never thought about it like that before, but I sure will now! Today is my first day blogging and I think you could possibly be interested my story! I just posted the intro today, take a look at it if you like and let me know what you think! 😁


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