How Dipa Karmakar won our hearts

​Happy 70th independence day to every indian in this world. Everyone these days are having Olympic fever watching all their favourite sports. Last night Dipa Karmakar the first Indian gymnast to qualify in olympics performed in the finals. Unfortunately she came fourth but she made us all proud. She did one of her vault with difficulty level 7 and she did that beautifully. Only two woman gymnast dared to try a routine with difficulty 7 in the finals of Rio Olympics 2016. It’s an inspiration to watch such a strong woman perform against former world champions and giving them a tough time. No doubt all of us wanted to see her win and even though she haven’t won a medal she has won millions of hearts. Miss Dipa Karmakar if u are reading this then I wish you best of luck for all the future competitions that you are going to take part and you have already made India proud.


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