Because you look better when you smile

All our life we kept on settling for something less. We fell for them,
we thought we won’t get anything better than this. We compromised and
made adjustments. At one point of time lost ourselves in the mist of
those compromises and when our conscience asked “why?” We would say
“that’s how things work and relationship works on compromises” our
conscience would reply “yes, ofcourse some adjustments are important,
being uptight gets us nowhere but compromising to such extend that the
real U is lost is not the ans”
In some corner of our heart we knew we deserve better. Everytine they
abused us verbally or made a joke of our hardwork for them instead of
acknowledging, the feeling that we don’t deserve them grew stronger. A
point of time came when we knew we need to get out of this mess by
hook or crook. We fought in our own way , with them and with our
emotions and left them behind in our past and though at times we
regret our decisions I think we should also thank them. They made us
realise our worth. They made us realise we deserve better. They made
us more patient and matured such that we can handle any storm well.
They gave us a new “me”. A “me” which is so much stronger. We are now
sexy and beautiful women in true sense, not because of our apperance
but for the inner strength we have.
Whenever we feel low or face any problem we should remember them and
say to ourselves “if we can handle them then we can handle anything”
and then ans our problems with a BANG!!! ๐Ÿ˜›


12 thoughts on “Because you look better when you smile”

  1. I had followed your blog right after reading the first of one of your posts. This one being your first post is really good. Raises the problem that being too much comprising is bad. Great.


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